Freya The Alpha Queen Freya The Alpha Queen

Freya The Alpha Queen

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I thought no alpha could tame me. I was wrong. Many men have tried to master me, but never one like Aric. He is not just an alpha, he is a fearsome beast, and he means to take for himself what warriors and kings could not conquer. I thought I could fight him, but his mere presence forced overwhelming, unimaginable need upon me and now it is too late. I'm about to go into heat, and what comes next will be truly shameful. He's going to ravage me, ruthlessly laying claim to every single inch of me, and it's going to hurt. But no matter how desperately I plead as he wrenches one screaming climax after another from my helplessly willing body, he will not stop until I'm sore, spent, and marked as his. It will be nothing short of savage, Primal & Rough More
Chapter 195 RAPTURE II
2023-09-23 14:21