Purchased A Grave, Good For Two Purchased A Grave, Good For Two

Purchased A Grave, Good For Two

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John was a man passed his prime age working on a worn-out bookstore around the street of their small town, after his divorce from his wife, everything became dull and monotonous in his life. Even though he had admitted that he was homosexual ever since, starting a relationship with another same-sex gender would only result to problems. Then came the super expensive, Wilrin, the young CEO of the globally known Jack Corporation. Domineering and playful as he had loved women in all his years that he even got attracted to a divorced lady older than him. He felt like she was the one and pursued her, until he tracked back the lady's ex-husband, John. Contrary to how beautiful his ex-wife was, John was plain and exhausted, an average man. Wilrin thought that he wouldn't be a problem because he was way more acceptable compared to this man. He started pestering the man and would even embarrass him time to time but at the end, he could only pile up the grudge. The old quail was just like a child who couldn't understand a single provocation. But that even challenged Wilrin, no one had ever treated him like an idiot since birth! Art Cover is mine (?????)? Purchased a Grave, Good for Two by buskeecilel All rights reserved More
Chapter 17 Epilogue
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