The Alpha's Cursed Mate The Alpha's Cursed Mate

The Alpha's Cursed Mate

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Meet Kaya Daygon, a misfit in the Crimson Pack. In a typical pack, wolves look out for each other, but Kaya is an exception. Everyone in her pack hated her because of the circumstances surrounding her birth, and some even beat her. As a result, she had more scars than she would have liked. She was despised for practically being born. Even worse, she never met her father, and her mother passed away while giving birth to her. Amid everything, Kaya discovers her mate when she least expects it. Meet Tyler, the Crimson Pack's Alpha. Everyone dreads him, especially since he overcame the most vicious Alpha in the area, Zerx, and took control of the pack. What will he do when he discovers his mate could be his ruin? More
Chapter 76
2022-12-20 16:11