His Mafia Princess His Mafia Princess

His Mafia Princess

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WARNING!( MATURE ) "Are you touching yourself?" he voices in a husky murmur startling the hell out of me. I hastily sit up and look at his amused face, "N..no" I stutter in embarrassment. "Let me see" Carl crouches in front of me and grab my hand to inspect my wet fingers. Kayla is a Santino's american mafia princess.In the world of guns,an enemy is bound to knock on your door anytime. What happens when her fathers enemy knocks on their door? And what happens when kayla learns that she's betrothed to a ruthless italian mafia boss Carl Moreno? Also known as the sex-god. And to add on that,a man of many enemies . Join me to find out More
Chapter 83
2023-04-19 21:38