Marriage Crisis: Is Love A Trap? Marriage Crisis: Is Love A Trap?

Marriage Crisis: Is Love A Trap?

| Ongoing
Bat Santos
Leona unexpectedly fell for Elmer at a young age. However, Aurora, her adopted sister, ruthlessly whisked away her family and the man she loved. When Leona was of age, she was excited to marry the man of her dreams. She wasn’t going to give up such a wonderful opportunity to be with Elmer. However, Elmer wrapped his arms around Aurora and looked at Leona with unmasked disgust. "You make me sick." Leona winced and held her aching stomach. She felt as though her whole world was collapsing around her. Smiling bitterly, she said, "I won’t let you go until I die." Soon after this encounter, Leona vanished without a trace. Nobody knew whether she was alive or dead. In Elmer's dreams, he often heard Leona’s voice saying to him, "If only I had never loved you." Five years later, Leona returned. This time, she had a child by her side... More
Chapter 218 Aurora Is An Illegitimate Daughter
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