Breaking Bonds Breaking Bonds

Breaking Bonds

| Completed
Lady Lilium
When a famous model and actor falls on hard times, he decides to rent out a room in his apartment and find a tenant to help split the bills. That is when he finds Kevin. This story is a slice of life about Kevin, a 20 year old, trying to find his place in life after losing someone close to him. He moves out, and finds a place to stay with a man, the model and actor, who turns out to not be what he first thought. Kevin gets caught up in Justin’s life, a prisoner to his drive now, Kevin begins a physical relationship with the star, unable to free himself. Slowly, piece at a time, Kevin gives himself up, surrendering his body to another. Gay sex – mouth fucking – and constantly mounting the uke and treating him like a slut and making him moan like the little bitch he is. More
Chapter 80 No.80
2022-12-06 21:39