The Stripper's Redemption The Stripper's Redemption

The Stripper's Redemption

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"Touch yourself and call out my name, baby doll," he ordered huskily, his hands gripped her hips as he stared at her beautiful body, "No-Chris, please...I can't... ahh," she cried out in ecstasy as her fingers slid down her abdomen and brushed against her p***y, the jolting pain and pleasure made her eyes roll back and her hips jerk upwards "Yes baby, that's it," he coaxed as he leaned down and licked away the juices dripping from her c**t. The pleasure he got from looking at her play with herself, watching her squirm on her own before he fucked her hard made his c**k throb _______________ Christian Kingston popularly known as Ace, is known for his love of pleasure, he doesn't believe in falling in love or marriage, all he needs is a good f**k and a beautiful woman beside him. Until he has a ONE-NIGHT STAND with a popular, sensational stripper known as the BUTTERFLY QUEEN which changes everything. He can't stay away and want more than just a night, however with dark secrets lurking in the shadows mixed with dark lies that can threaten his newly found love interest. What will happen when for the first time, a woman doesn't want him the way he does? Warning ?? contains erotic content, strictly 18+ read at your own risk! More
Chapter 74 Caught feelings
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