Vengeful Matrimony Vengeful Matrimony

Vengeful Matrimony

| Completed
Snow Barbie
Vengeance. It's something I've been taught as the son of a cruel mafia don; something I've comforted myself with for years. When the one thing that kept me grounded is yanked away so ruthlessly, it's only in my nature to strike out in the only way I know; revenge. Giselle Fanelli, the woman who ruined it all. She hides behind a sweet mask, but I am not fooled by it. I will get my revenge even if it means getting stuck with her forever. *** Book 1 in the New York Mafia Chronicles. *** CONTENT WARNING: This book may include scenes or depictions of violence, sexual assault, addiction/substance abuse, child abuse, kidnapping. Proceed with caution. More
Chapter 110
2023-02-05 22:35