The Young Alpha The Young Alpha

The Young Alpha

| Ongoing
Lioness Keya
Abijah or Miss J,21, newly hired kitchen manager at Cedar Falls K12 Academy on the southside of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Abijah was fully aware of the supernatural world around her. She knew about the werewolf pack and territory that she lived and worked on. About the wizards, witches, fairies, dragons, vampires and more that existed in the world. And how the school was a mixed species tolerant facility. She respected them and stayed in her Lane that is until young Zavier Marshall ,7, future Alpha of the Cedar Falls pack, comes to her one day claiming that she is his mate! Follow the crazy adventure of self-discovery and courage as Miss J, not only has to deal with a young arrogant Alpha, but also his super jealous and possessive wolf, Tank. More
Chapter 97 Learning The Ropes
2023-06-01 03:55