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"He's a murderer, you're an assassin. You're basically meant for each other." Zachary said in a cocky tone. "We made a deal, Zachary, I picked you, not Sinclair." Hannah claimed. "1.2 billon dollars is unreasonable." Zachary said. "Sinclair gave my uncle 1 billion. I just need you to top his. It's not unreasonable." She yelled a few minutes from now Zachary could go deaf. "No, I can't just give you 1.2 billion dollars, you're not worth it." Zachary said in a fit of anger. The line went silent and he almost regretted saying that, almost. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Hannah Victoria, the only child of Mason Mendova, lives with her relatives after the death of her father. She resides with Ephraim Mendova, her uncle, his wife, Beatrice Mendova, and his three children. Lilly, Christian and James. She is an assassin trained to eliminate the Mendova's opponents. Zachary Montiquez is a self made billionaire. Due to the amount of time he spends on his company, every woman that dates him accuses him of not giving them enough time. They cheat on him and end up blaming Zachary. His parents want him to settle down but he couldn't care less. Hannah wants out of the Mendova's family but she's given a task to pick one man out of Seven candidate to marry. Likely, all the men given to her hates her so she'll have to pick the one she can handle. Fate brings Zachary and Hannah together on Lilly's birthday party. Although, they didn't start off good but Hannah ends up proposing to him since he's a candidate of the men chosen and he accepts. The two bound together by hatred concludes on living a horrid marriage of absolute chaos. But soon enough, their Hatred for one another would create a bond that surpass the thorn of disdain. More
Chapter 40 DIFFEREN
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