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That - Lost Wolf

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"She is my mate." George gulps down saliva stuck between his tongue. "She is my mate!" He splutters, for the umpteenth time. "I have to look for her. Now!" He sniffles, fighting back the tears pooling in his eyes. "I have to find her." "And do you know the consequences?" Alpha Festus deadpans. George nods. "Your wolf power would be retrieved. You'll be attacked by rogues on the way, your father and mother wolf would be killed, and at last, your efforts would turn fruitless." George gazes up at the sky, and the metallic handcuffs bound round his hands clank. "Moon goddess, my mate. I will surely find her." He screams, and tears trickle down his cheeks till they graduate to ocean of tears. Unexpectedly and suddenly, frightening even the devil Alpha Festus, George's wolf takes control and the chain frees off of his hands. Without taking two for three, he zooms into the air and flies above the fence of the pack house, his wolf adrenaline rushing within him with speed. Alpha Festus orders his warriors to pursue him at once but before they gather together, George has zoomed into the forest in his wolf form. Alpha Festus blocks his Betas from moving. "Wait. Don't pursue him anymore." He deadpans. "Send rogues after him." He winks at his Betas and they follow suit, taking the orders seriously with utmost immediacy. Then, five hundred warriors are masked and sent after him, to make sure he doesn't get his mate again. That lost mate. Read and enjoy how George suffers and threatens, did he finally get to see that lost wolf? That lost wolf, that lost mate. The wolf is his mate and blood is thicker than water, moon goddess can only help. Read on. More
Chapter 50 Epilogue And Ending: The Ego Behind The Curse
2022-12-03 16:11