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Untamed Emotions

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Summer Love
Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? Or,,have you ever liked someone you shouldn't even have gotten close to? This story is about two teenagers who fell in love with each other even though they shouldn't. Why??? . . . Gray Connor a 18_years old teenager in his final grade in high school,the last son of president Connor who have been betrothed to Emma from birth. It's an agreement between both families that these two are going to get married when they are old enough. It went like that for years,,Gray and Emma are best friends from childhood. And as they grow up their love continue to grow along with them,but the problem is Gray doesn't love Emma more than a friend. He doesn't feel anything for her than just best friends,whereas Emma can die for Gray's love. A very protective girlfriend no other girl want to ever mess with her boyfriend. Gray doesn't have a choice than to just give in,,he already made up his mind to try his best in loving Emma back,does he have a choice? It continued this way until a strange girl came to their school,,and then the story changed. Who is this girl? Meet Quinn Spencer,,she's pretty,no,she's hot,cat eyes,plump lips,average in height,long and straight legs,long curly black hair,16,never had a boyfriend and never thinking of having one,just here to study and leave. You can describe her attitude as smart and gentle at the same time,,meeting new people is one of the things she hates. A normal guy will fall in love with her at first sight She's not rude,she's so cool but isn't clumsy either ,she's someone you will love without her trying to impress you,she's so lively,lovely and damn beautiful like the stars Her mom is a very disciplined woman,she already Gave her the rules And the top list is " No dating until you're eighteen " Which she's not ready to break any moment from now to avoid her mom's anger,, 'I have two more years to go,,and I will be free' She had said to herself when she clocked 16 few months ago Only if she knew things are about changing, . . . So what do you think happened when she joined the school?? More
Chapter 37 CANCELED
2022-10-20 18:20