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" Don't touch me!" Mara screamed as she tried to escape from the room but met the door locked. A man in only his short walked toward her and grabbed her hand.. " I should not touch you? Did you not enter my room at the middle of the night because you want this?" He asked with an husky and amused voice as he grabbed her waist and planted a kiss on her cheeks! " No... No. I don't want it this way... I want you to love me first.." Mara cried as she felt her knees weaken with his touch. Mara Keln was just a 24 years old girl who had a very fast education and completed her education in no time. She joined a modeling company as it had always been her dream to be a world known model but things haven't been working her way because of the dangerous man she happened to meet in her childhood. Wills was her best friend and her most trusted person but he turned out to be a animal in human form and he molested, harassed, blackmailed and made Mara's life a living hell! It was on the day she was supposed to accept a marriage alliance with Wills family that she met the one she truly loved... the man of her dream and she decided to give it a chase! More
Chapter 66 WEDDING 2
2022-12-03 15:42