Airow & New Warrior Airow & New Warrior

Airow & New Warrior

| Ongoing
"Lord Dominic and Lady Elizabeth had just had their first child. One month later, she was killed and baby Airow was kidnapped and raised by his father's enemy, Lord Ethan. Five years later, Airow is discovered by his real father and goes about to prove his identity. His best and only friend, Jade, trains with Lord Dominic so that they may become page's and knights. Along the way, the plot to kill Airow, the King and the Queen is discovered along with the demise of the royal family. Airow and Jade discover the plot and stop it from happening while finding true love and an arranged marriage. Will there love be enough to carry them through the trials and the prophecy that follows Lord Dominic's family or will it destroy them by the end?" More
Chapter 142 No.142
2023-09-23 14:20